Humans Of Byron ~ Zoe & Jimi / Mister Zimi

Where are your other ‘Mister Zimi’ stores located?
We have one in Seminyak in Bali. We previously had three, but decided to open stores in Australia, so we closed two. We have two stores in Melbourne, one in Armadale and one in Albert Park. We hope to open a store in each capital city in Australia within the next 12 months.

Where do you get your inspiration for the ‘Mister Zimi’ collections?
From our travels! We are addicted to discovering new exotic places. Our latest collection “By The Sea” was influenced by the shoot location, a housing project on the coast of Spain. Known locally as “The Red Wall”, the project was built in 1968 by Richard Bofill and references the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean area and the tradition of the Kasbah.
The collection takes inspiration from the striking building and its rich colour palette. We chose simple geometrics to complement the architecture and bold florals to provide contrast. We are currently working on our next collection and looking for places to draw inspiration from.

Have you drawn any inspiration for collections from your experiences in Byron Bay?
Yes! A few years ago we had a collection called “Birds Of Paradise”. We shot it at Raes on Wategos, Byron Bay and its tropical flowers and plants were the inspiration behind the prints.

Where do you see ‘Mister Zimi’ going in the future?
Who knows! We started this journey with very humble beginnings and are pinching ourselves everyday about how far it has come in such a short space of time. Every week something new happens that is unexpected. We are just riding this wave and excited to see what happens next!

Where is your favourite place for coffee in Byron Bay?
For a take away it’s Sparrow for sure as we are big coffee drinkers! I think we need it, with two young children, running a business and all the travel, so the two shots in each coffee these guys do is much appreciated! For sitting down to enjoy a coffee, it’s Bayleaf Café, our neighbours next door to our shop!

Complete this sentence:

My ideal day starts with… a walk on the beach with our giant newfoundland Freddie Bear and our kids Florence & Willy and finishes with… a gin and tonic! (Zoe) & a xxxx gold (Jimi)”

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