When Selecting A Summer Byron Bay Holiday Home – Should It Have A Pool, Be Close To The Beach Or Both?

Generally when selecting a summer holiday venue people gravitate towards somewhere with easy access to a pool or beach, where they can cool off during the hot days. To help you consider which option might be best for you and your family, or why you might enjoy both, we have broken it down into the pros and cons below:



  • Calm water
  • A safe place to keep an eye on children
  • Private and tranquil
  • Access to sun chairs and shade
  • Located right at your doorstep


  • Chlorinated water
  • Not as many activities to be enjoyed
  • Doesn’t have the same ambience as the beach

The Beach


  • Endless activities available – surfing, paddle boarding, body boarding, body surfing, kayaking, sandcastle building, rock climbing, throwing a Frisbee, playing volleyball etc.
  • Spectacular scenery to admire
  • Sand and salt water
  • Atmosphere – waves crashing and people enjoying themselves
  • Wildlife spotting including dolphins and whales


  • Surf conditions can sometimes be dangerous, especially for children (you will need to find a flagged, lifeguard patrolled area – head to Byron Bay Main Beach)
  • Less private
  • Shade and parking can sometimes be hard to find

As you can see, each of these options provide very different experiences and there is no reason why you couldn’t enjoy both. Spend the morning on the beach with the kids, then return to your luxury holiday home to spend the afternoon lazing around the pool with a book and glass of wine in hand.

Contact us when planning your next Byron Bay holiday and we can assist you in finding the ideal property for your stay. Byron Bay Luxury Homes has an extensive portfolio of luxury houses which can offer you the best of both worlds – spectacular swimming pools and only a stone’s throw from the beach.

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