When Is The Best Time To Book Your Luxury Holiday Accommodation in Byron Bay?

Holidays are all about relaxing and enjoying yourself, so when it comes to having a stress free, unforgettable getaway booking where you’re going to stay in advance is a must. By giving yourself a longer lead time in looking for your accommodation you can ensure you secure the best location and a great deal.

Ideally, you should start the search for accommodation before finalising your holiday dates. A bit of flexibility with your dates can sometimes make all the difference with nightly rates differing substantially mid-week and outside of peak season. For example, booking somewhere during summer in Byron Bay may be a challenge, however if you search a week or two before the official changeover to ‘peak summer season’, you might find more options at a much better rate. It also helps to research the social calendar prior to your search, to ensure your chosen dates don’t coincide with a major event being held in the area, as this may mean fewer options at higher rates.

Researching a map of the area also helps in narrowing the search for the right accommodation and will ensure you book somewhere with the ideal location for you. Especially if you won’t have vehicle transport and would prefer to be within walking distance from the beach and town.

While it is better to make your booking sooner rather than later, you also shouldn’t rush into booking something, as without proper research some places may fall short of expectations. A great way to tell if where you’re booking is as good as it seems is by taking a look at the company’s social media platforms (and the comments people leave on them), as well as sites like TripAdvisor.

Investigate all the options available to you, and don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to ask a few questions directly about potential accommodation.

Spending so much time on planning might seem a bit much, but it’s well worth the effort to ensure that you start your holiday off on the best foot – setting the tone for your whole vacation. If you’re looking to stay in Byron Bay, make sure your first port of call is Byron Bay Luxury Homes. Browse our list of spectacular luxury holiday residences and let our friendly, professional team assist you with booking the perfect accommodation for your stay.

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